Outreach for school kids - Austin Math Circle

AAH Math Team has always included a strong mission to foster the math community in Austin, including students who attend traditional schools. We work closely with a sister organization, Austin Math Circle to support high ability math students regardless of their educational situation.


Anyone who can arrange to miss a couple of hours of school on Tuesdays is welcome to attend our weekly AAH Math Team meetings. We have a class specifically geared towards students at the AIME or USAMO level.


Austin Math Circle will offer every AMC exam and date, and welcomes all interested students who would like to join us. For the past five years AAH Math Team has coordinated with SMMG at UT to share AIME qualifiers, giving students more options for date and time. That tradition will continue with Austin Math Circle.


In the past we have hosted occasional prep sessions for AIME qualifiers that have occurred on Saturdays or Sundays. These are open to all AIME qualifiers in Austin. Eventually we hope to offer something similar for USAMO qualifiers.


We host an ARML local event every spring on a Saturday. After the grading of individual tests, students are grouped into Gold, Silver, and Bronze teams for the team rounds. This gives students at a similar level an opportunity to work together, even if they attend different schools.


Math League (.org) is a non profit organization focused on enhancing the quality and quantity of competitive mathematical opportunities available to students in the US and in other countries. They offer a variety of programs for students in grades 3-12, including open and invitational tournaments occurring on Saturdays. The regional director for Texas happens to be an AAH parent, so we have a close working relationship and provide various types of support.


Please include student's first and last name, school, grade, and AMC level (if known) on all correspondence. Students at an AIME or USAMO level will be placed on a low volume email list geared towards elite math competitors. Send email to <info@austinmathcircle.org>