Non-profit status and donations

The AAH Math Team is part of of the Community Alliance Dedicated to Reimagining Education (CADRE), a tax-exempt, non-profit organization formed to support Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics or STEAM education for parents wishing to provide all or some of their child’s education outside of a traditional school setting. Currently, CADRE has two member organizations, the AAH Math Team and the AAH Science Team. CADRE intends to add new member groups in the future but no new groups will be added for at least a year to allow CADRE time to develop procedures to support member organizations.

Semester fees and money for books or t-shirts will be paid directly to the AAH Math Team and will be deposited in an account owned by the Team. Dues and fees are not tax deductible because these monies offset the Team’s program costs.

If you know of individual or corporate donors who may be interested in contributing to AAH Math Team, please contact either me or Shannon Tefft-Janes.