Facility Rules

for all activities at Hyde Park Church of Christ

Facility Info for Activities at Hyde Park Church of Christ

1 - Avoid parking in the area under the trees. That will be marked off for kids to run around in.

2 - There is a ladies’ Bible Study in the downstairs Fellowship Hall on Tuesday's 10-10:50. Go up and down the stairs quietly while they are meeting. Also stay away from kitchen, downstairs restrooms, and downstairs trash containers during this time.

3 - Church administrative offices are straight ahead when you enter the door and are off limits for us. Do not go beyond the French doors into that hallway. The sanctuary is available for waiting adults and teens, but no younger kids. No food or liquids allowed.

4 - Children 10 and under must be supervised at all times, and are not allowed to roam in the building or parking lot. Kids who are not in a classroom must have a parent or designated adult monitoring them at all times.

5 - No food or drink upstairs except for water. This includes no empty food or drink containers in upstairs trash containers. The custodians do not empty trash or vacuum upstairs often enough to avoid attracting pests.

6 - Please police the floor. A cordless stick vacuum is available upstairs, next to the water fountain. A hand vac and sweepers are in the kitchen near the phone.

7 - The church gets priority for use of the downstairs Fellowship Hall. If they rent to a film crew or have a special event, we may have to improvise with little notice.

8 - Do not prop open both sets of glass doors. We need to keep AC inside and squirrels, cats, etc outside.

9 - Parents are needed to help with young groups, and are welcome in all groups unless there are preschoolers in tow. Unencumbered parents should plan to participate unless they are sure the group leader has enough help.

10 - Downstairs folding tables and most of the chairs have to be put away when we finish. Downstairs tables used for lunch have to be wiped down. Orange traffic cones and plastic tables + chairs outside have to be put in the storage area. The tables and chairs have to be covered with tarps. Please do not leave without checking to see if your help is needed.

11 - Kids are responsible for clearing their work areas and putting scratch paper, recyclable paper, pencils, and calculators in their appropriate places. Double check before taking your child home to make sure they have cleaned up.