2019-2020 FEES

$250 for the year, $125 per semester (same student)

  • We accept Paypal to aahmathteam@cadretx.org
  • Or bring a check to Math Team.
  • Fees are due by the end of week 2 every semester. Families with financial need must submit a form by the same deadline to be considered for reduced fees.
  • We are a non-profit, and everyone involved volunteers their time. But Math Team is expensive to do, and we have no outside funding. Fees are our only funding source. We also consider the fees to be very inexpensive. It comes out to be $7.50/meeting or $5/hour. That is a fraction of the cost of most organized activities for kids.
  • All fees go towards our operating costs. That includes facility costs, equipment, materials, and registration fees for contests we do as a group. Our total operating budget is $10,000, with $7,000 of that going to facility costs.
  • Families are responsible for the cost of textbooks for home use, and registration fees for mathleague.org contests, which kids sign up for individually.
  • No sibling discount. Parents should decide for each child individually whether or not this is a good fit. Please do not force a reluctant sibling into this just because it is a good fit for someone else in the family.
  • We want enthusiastic, math-loving kids, and involved, appreciative parents. It takes thousands of volunteer hours to make math team happen. It is better for the group if families looking for an inexpensive drop-off activity, or an easy alternative to covering math at home, look elsewhere.


We will try to work with you if you have a financial hardship. No one who really wants to do this activity will be excluded over money. BUT, we need for every family asking for financial assistance to contribute as much of the fees as they can. Reducing fees for one family passes the cost on to everyone else. Financial help is ONLY for families with genuine need, and for kids who REALLY want to do math team, AND who are strong enough mathematically to benefit. Please do not ask for assistance if:

    • You do not think the value to your child is worth $125/semester.
    • Your child does not have $125/semester worth of interest.
    • Your child would be coming in at the bottom of their age group on the placement test (high risk they won't like it)
    • The reason you cannot afford the fees is because of multiple children, only one of whom is enthusiastic.

Application Form for Fee Assistance