ALL in person classes have been postponed until FALL 2020. Some classes will start being offered online beginning Tuesday, March 24.


Each spring we start to prep for the next school year. We’ll be in contact soon about upcoming opportunities and class options. Are you interested in teaching an AOPS course or enrichment math? Let us know


AAH Math Team has an updated list of Math, Science and Tech tutors to help you keep learning and growing. Follow this link to find tutors.

Check the website for more information!


AAH Math Team was started in 1998 to provide an opportunity for mathematically talented homeschoolers to enter competitions. The group provides math enrichment opportunities for kids over a range of abilities and ages.

Currently 100 kids, from kindergarten through high school, attend weekly meetings every Tuesday during the school year.

Through our sister organization Austin Math Circle, we offer community outreach to kids attending traditional schools, particularly those competing at a high level (AIME, USAMO).

We share space with independent science teachers offering various classes on the same day as Math Team meetings.

We are a part of the nonprofit Community Alliance Dedicated to Reimagining Education (CADRE). Donations to the Math Team are tax deductible as allowed by law.


Contact us if you may be interested.


The math we do is different from the problems typical encountered in a standard curriculum. To see a few sample problems, with solutions, Click here. Here is an article with a more detailed discussion of the difference.


Kids age 9 and above will take a placement test so we can group them with other kids like themselves. Its optional for younger kids, but recommended if a younger child is above grade level and able to demonstrate that with a written test. Don't worry if your child doesn't test well. No one will be excluded or placed with much younger kids because of low scores. And we will adjust placements as needed once we get to know kids. Parents and kids can see where they are by taking some sample tests. Someone at grade level will get about half right on a test for their grade. Click here.


Group leaders are all volunteers. Other parents are expected to make themselves available to participate, if needed, unless they are watching younger siblings or working. Math ability is not required; it's more about supervision.


There are recommended books and a recommended curriculum. MORE INFO HERE

And, please explore the website! In addition to info about the team, there are useful links and practice materials.